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New NutBee and PowerRiv riveting tools for increased reliability

With the new NutBee and PowerRiv, and with immediate effect, KVT-Fastening have extended their product range with two programmable battery-powered riveting tools for reliable installation work: NutBee for power-controlled setting of pop rivets and blind rivbolts, and PowerRiv for processing pop rivets and lockbolts. One major advantage of these new tools: To ensure that the setting operation is carried out precisely with the required power, the latter can be individually adjusted with the HST Tool Manager software package. Thanks to this function, every connecting element can be set accurately with maximum precision. The tool immediately checks whether the correct reference value has been reached, and evaluates the operation. The result appears in the digital display. Another useful extension of this functionality is the optional barcode scanner, which permits existing programs to be loaded directly into the machine. Consequently, the operator must not select new software when changing to a different rivet. All it needs is a simple scan of the barcode... 



An additional radio module permits a bidirectional exchange of data. In combination with the barcode scanner, setting results are saved directly with the component for subsequent documentation purposes. The NutBee can process all rivet types from M3 up to M10, and made of all materials.



The battery-powered riveting tool PowerRiv with removable mandrel collector is suitable for a wide range of applications. Hereby, the quick-exchange system permits a fast change of chuck jaws as well as simple cleaning of the riveter. PowerRiv is designed for heavy-duty rivets up to 6,4 mm diameter, and lockbolts up to 6,5 mm diameter.


In both tools, a maintenance-free brushless motor ensures fast and powerful operation. Moreover, the ergonomic grip ensures safe handling. The setting area is illuminated by a LED, so that safe operation is also ensured in poorly-lit working environments. Furthermore, both tools have an OLED display for status indication. This greatly simplifies the operator's work by informing him about process conditions and tool.

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